8 Steps to the Perfect Bathroom

21st August 2020

A personal haven to relax and unwind, the bathroom has become more than just a functional area for a quick freshen up. But with more considerations to make when designing your space than other rooms, it can be tricky to know where to start.

Ashton & Bentley shares its 8 steps to achieve the dream bathroom and ensure you really make the most of it.

1. Assess your needs

Consider who will use the bathroom. How many people will be using it every day? Do you often have guests to stay? Think about the features you would like and the kind of space you hope to achieve, from a traditional bathroom full of character to a spa-inspired sanctuary with minimal décor.

2. Finalise your budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend, making sure to include the cost of removing the old bathroom as well as installing the new one. You may also need to factor in the cost of moving plumbing if you plan to move appliances around, plus a contingency fund for any unexpected costs.

3. Find a space solution that suits

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, meaning that smart space-saving solutions are essential. The large variety of designs available make it possible to find tailored solutions to suit your needs.
For instance, a freestanding bath can work well in small bathrooms as it can fit nicely into corners or along the wall.

4. Measure Up

Getting the measurements right is essential when planning a new bathroom. Measure your space, draw a basic outline of the room and familiarise yourself with what space you have available, as it will dictate what you can include in your new layout.

5. Keep it simple

The key to a bathroom that will stand the test of time is simplicity. When choosing the main features, try not to be too swayed by trends and opt for classic shapes, whether in a modern or traditional style, which will always look chic and timeless.

6. Select investment pieces

Investing in a single statement piece can transform the whole room, and doesn’t need to break the bank when paired with more affordable buys. A bath is the ideal place to do this – choosing a timeless statement piece is guaranteed to put an instant stamp of style on your bathroom, especially in an otherwise minimalistic scheme.

7. Think colour

The bathroom is a great place to experiment with colour. A neutral scheme provides the perfect base for a colourful centrepiece, such as a freestanding bath. Ashton & Bentley offers a range of colourful finishes on most of its baths, with a palette of more than 300 shades to choose from to suit every style. If committing to a single bold colour isn’t quite for you though, you can also easily paint a bath when a change of colour scheme suits, and repaint whenever the mood strikes.

8. Add the finishing touches

Every detail counts: the choice of floor tiles, wall lights and accessories can make all the difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels. Once the core pieces have been chosen, add a touch of your style and personality with a quirky mirror, colourful towels and plants!

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