Our Story

To create something beautiful today, you must first embrace the past

Founded in 2007, Ashton & Bentley evolved from a bathroom restoration business with a passion to preserve the beauty of the past – the values of craftsmanship, superior quality and timeless style.

As traditional freestanding baths became more popular in the 1990s, it became increasingly difficult to source good quality authentic freestanding baths and basins able to cope with modern plumbing systems and satisfy our clients’ individual style. As necessity is the mother of invention, Ashton & Bentley was established – we could now supply freestanding baths and basins manufactured to our own exquisite quality standards, our clients’ individual specifications, and hand-finished by our trusted craftsmen.


Today Ashton & Bentley is a second-generation family business and one of the leading luxury bath and basin manufacturers in the UK. Based in the heart of the Black Country, our British factory manufactures our baths and basins, so we are able to deliver what we promise and guarantee exceptional craftmanship. We are immensely proud of our manufacturing heritage and how our bespoke bath designs incorporate methods from times past with innovative modern twists to create the best of contemporary aesthetics.