Delivering luxury products for a prime consumer experience is of the utmost priority at Ashton & Bentley. All our baths and basins are made from CorreroTM, our exclusive matrix of organic materials enriched with volcanic minerals sourced from quarries spanning the European continent.

Crafted with a unique process that blends the finest ingredients, our products combine outstanding properties to achieve the exquisite finish that we take great pride in. Maintaining water temperature for up to twelve times longer than conventional materials for enhanced bathing indulgence, Correro™ is smooth, touchable and hardwearing.

Due to its nature, CorreroTM is a non-porous surface that is easy to clean and inherently protected against the growth of bacteria, ensuring Ashton & Bentley products are especially hygienic. Incorporating natural-mined fillers bound with high-performance resins, the highly durable and stain-resistant finished product is easy to maintain. The longevity of CorreroTM is our assurance. So much so, we offer a 25-year guarantee on all Ashton & Bentley purchases.

Our Baths

Whether looking for traditional or modern pieces, angular or soft lines, our wide range of baths and basins will suit any taste and style.

With the Executive, Ionic, Contemporary and Organic Techni range across our baths and basins.