At Ashton & Bentley, we feel our value is established in our manufacturing process. We use long-standing traditional techniques alongside technological innovations, and we will always aim to deliver products of exceptional quality and care. Since our founding in 2007, all our creations have been brought to life by the hands of skilled artisans in our English factory. Meticulously crafted, each product takes between 10 and 12 weeks once the design is approved, amounting to several hours spent on each product to achieve the finest results.

Firstly, our exclusive CorreroTM material is moulded from an extremely hard and smooth surface into the form of the bath or basin. Silicone is then integrated in selected moulds, providing added strength and flexibility. From start to finish, our casting process then occurs over seven days, during which entire air extraction is completed through the angling and tilting of the mould in its thermal casting. Each model is cured within its mould for six hours at 55° C to ensure the longevity of the high gloss finish and the thermal properties of Correro™ that set our baths and basins apart from the rest.

Removing the mould takes a critical level of attention and care from our craftsmen, in order to preserve the structure. Consistency and gloss retention are then accomplished within our time-controlled insulated thermal tunnel. Our team then follows a machine smoothing process, carefully sanding and hand-polishing the surface until a quality finish is reached. All Ashton & Bentley products are guaranteed to have received a thorough and rigorous inspection, identifying any imperfections to correct. Only once a signature from both finisher and qualified inspector is attained, will our baths and basins be packaged and sent out to our customers and showroom partners.

At Ashton & Bentley we can assure everything we do is achieved with the care of skilled hand-finishing. Continuously investing in new, innovative technological developments, we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality is reflected in our products.


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