Choosing the right freestanding bath

20th June 2020

The rising interest in freestanding baths comes as no surprise, as they have always represented a luxury supposedly only found in spas and hotels. Investing in a freestanding bath will not only visually transform the bathroom to create an indulgent sanctuary, but also enhance the bathing experience.

Ashton & Bentley offers a wide range of freestanding baths in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes that will suit any scheme and taste.

The Classic Look
A traditional freestanding bath will never go out of style.
If space restrictions are no concern, placing the bath in the centre of the bathroom truly creates an eye catching focal point with guaranteed impact.
Perfectly matching bathrooms with period features such as original floorboards, sash windows and high ceilings, the traditional offering from Ashton & Bentley includes a number of designs inspired by the late 19th and early 20th century.
Boasting traditional Victorian charm with their rolltops and ball and claw feet, the Corinthian and Athena baths are ideal to add timeless elegance to the space.

Freestanding baths are commonly associated with luxury and can be a real statement piece in the bathroom – now, with a whole range of designs available and advances in manufacturing, there’s a style to suit every budget. With the introduction of flexible pipe fittings and push fit connections, free-standing baths can actually be easier to install than other styles of bath. Colour is also a big influencer, which is why we have such a vast array of colour choices, offering traditional paint and modern high gloss finishes for our baths. This, plus the metallic finishes we offer, means a bath can be customised to create a modern or traditional finish, or the two styles can be mixed (i.e. a modern finish on a traditional style bath). Our baths can be painted time and time again, to suit every style and colour scheme.

Edward Carey, Managing Director at Ashton & Bentley

A Modern Statement
For those looking for a new bath to bring modern beauty into the bathroom, Ashton & Bentley’s collection includes a number of contemporary baths with clean lines and sleek curves.
The addition of a modern bath such as the Cella can completely refresh the scheme with a pared-back, stylish aesthetic, aiding feelings of calm and relaxation typical of a spa.

The Space Saver
Freestanding baths don’t need to be imposing to bring luxury to the bathroom. Though most assume a freestanding bath is only suitable for ample spaces, the Ashton & Bentley range includes smaller options, so homeowners with compact bathrooms can enjoy the indulgence too.
The Lefka is a stylish, modestly-sized option for modern living. With its unique asymmetrical form and small footprint, it will provide ultimate comfort without overpowering the bathroom.
Easily installed against a wall or in the corner of the room, freestanding baths can be a versatile solution that not only saves space, but also allows for a shower to be added above the bath for extra functionality.

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Whether looking for traditional or modern pieces, angular or soft lines, our wide range of baths and basins will suit any taste and style.


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