Made Great. In Britain

At Ashton and Bentley, we are immensely proud of our British manufacturing heritage. For our clients, it means we are responsive to turnaround times, flexible and more accommodating to individual bathroom design needs. Because we have complete quality control of our custom freestanding baths and basins, our clients can rest assured we deliver what we promise.

As a business, we benefit greatly from our bathroom products being made exclusively in Great Britain: our manufacturing principles align with our ethics and responsibilities.

Manufacturing in Great Britain means the Ashton and Bentley family is protected by laws and legislation, paid fairly and work in safe and respectful environments. This is something we could not guarantee if our bathroom products were made overseas.

Our employees are our greatest asset, we rely on their expertise and craftmanship to create our beautiful and luxury freestanding baths and basins which is why we are so passionate about developing their skills to progress their careers. This investment strengthens our community, creates new job opportunities, and supports the local economy.

Sustainability and the environment are important issues for Ashton and Bentley. By manufacturing our bespoke freestanding baths and basins in the UK, the carbon footprint of our products is kept to a minimum. We continually strive to better our manufacturing processes through innovations and technology and support our clients to achieve their green credentials too.

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