Natural Bathrooms

24th August 2019

Across the world of design, 2020 marks the year in which nature is being fully embraced. Bringing references to the outdoors into a space is a wonderful way of breathing fresh life and vitality into all rooms of the home.
In the bathroom, using organic materials and textures creates a tangible means of expanding on the biophilic style.
All products from Ashton & Bentley are formed of CorreroTM an exclusive blend of organic materials enriched with volcanic minerals of the finest qualities. Achieving an exquisite finish and maintaining water temperature for up to twelve times longer than conventional materials, this unique matrix provides all the elements to aid relaxation in a soothing and relaxing bathroom setting.

“With a growing emphasis on the home being a restful space to support our wellbeing, we’re increasingly seeing people drawing inspiration from the outdoors, using natural colours and textures to create a restful bathroom.
Natural textures such as wood and slate, paired with a light, neutral colour palette help to create a calm, refreshing environment, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.”
Edward Carey,
Ashton & Bentley Managing Director

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