Correro™ is a matrix exclusive to Ashton & Bentley, which is rich in organic minerals. The material is long lasting, elegant and hygienic, with wonderful thermal properties.

Correro™ is inherently “renewable” because it is solid and homogenous all the way through. Most everyday marks or scratches can be repaired to restore the bath to its original smooth, hygienic solid surface integrity.

The amalgam of organic minerals and high tech resins, result in a mineral that is both durable and hard wearing, with a luxurious finish that retains water temperature longer.



Made in England

At Ashton & Bentley we have brought back time-honoured skills by designing and manufacturing our entire freestanding bath collection in our English factory.

Beautiful baths individually crafted. This is English innovation at its best. Utilising the latest computer aided technology and the meticulous use of modern materials, together personify the essence of Ashton & Bentley.

With our exclusive material Correro™ we have harnessed the thermal properties of organic limestone and pure white marble. This unique composite material is beautiful, hard wearing, luxurious and practical, which allows bath water to stay warmer for longer.

Our timeless baths, hand-polished by skilled craftsmen in a variety of different finishes, remind England to be proud of its manufacturing heritage.